Coltivare l’arte

Start Date
2 July 2022
End Date
8 October 2022

A walk across ancient buildings and contemporary art works merging with the territory. The exhibition is sponsored by Tearose.

Surrounded by the majesty of the local flora, guests can visit three of the seven chapels built between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries all placed on the perimeter in a devotional path, representing at that time a religious pilgrimage destination near the Via Francigena: the octagonal chapel of Santa Caterina attributed to Antonio da Sangallo il giovane and placed on a 22-meter-high spur of rock housing one of the site-specific works in which the artist reveals how the imperceptible frequencies to the senses influence matter; the chapel of the Crucifix or of Monte Calvario, still sheltering precious frescoes attributed to Benozzo Gozzoli; lastly the chapel of Santa Concordia, home to one of the site-specific works a Matteo Nasini’s Welcome Wanderer’ that thanks to a particular software translates the passage of the stars over our heads into music according the island its own celestial voice. Federico Gori’s “il Vello d’oro” The Golgen Fleece is the third site-specific work placed around a centuries -old holm oak as to protect it.


(Rome,1976) currently lives and works in Rome. His research starts with the study of sound, which then takes on physical forms with the exam and observation of the surface of the plastic material. This leads to a practice that develops in sound installations, performances, sculptural and textile works.

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Welcome Wanderer

An installation inside the oratory of Santa Concordia, capable of translating the movement of the billions of stars of the Milky Way . celestial bodies and meteorites passage into automatic musical composition. Through the universal language of music the installation renews the spiritual and rational tension upwards and underlines the common journey of all humanity towards the unknown. The work uses automated data from the GAIA star map database, produced by ESA (European Space Agency), aligning them to a specific GPS coordinate. Starting from the place where the sculpture is positioned, the software constructs an imaginary line that ideally intercepts the stars, activating the sculptural group that returns a sequence of notes and harmonies.

Federico Gori

(Prato, 1977) currently lives and works in Pistoia, Italy. He graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. In 2002 he won a scholarship at Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri. Hic Terminus Haeret, Seggiano, Grosseto. In 2011 he was selected among the artists to exhibit at the 54th Venice Biennale, Padiglione Accademie. In 2013 he won the Special Prize at the Talent Prize. In 2016 he won the competition: Un Giardino Nuovo per Palazzo Fabroni. In 2017 he won the international competition The Spur ETACEC 16-18. In 2021 he won the PAC 2020.

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Il Vello d'oro

Directly inspired by the golden mantle of Crisomallo, the winged ram that Hermes gave to Nefele. Starting from this suggestion, the artist imagines the golden fleece as a sacred element capable of healing the “wounded” “Gran Vecchio”  “Great old-one” of the Bisentina Island, a centuries-old holm oak object of the work. The “mantle” is a golden sheet that reproduces the texture of the natural bark, positioned on a fiberglass structure molded on site, in direct contact with the tree, in perfect symbiosis with this and to protect it.


(Ragusa, 1977) currently lives and works in Rome. In 2011, after years of secluded experimentation, he started exhibiting his art works and in 2013 he won the Prize for Visual Arts from the Toti Scialoja Foundation. In 2014, he took part in the great international exhibition European Glass Experience as a travel exhibit in the major glass museums. In 2016 he was awarded the “Arte Fiera 40” for the 40th anniversary of the fair of Bologna.


Inside Santa Caterina’s Rocchina, the artist creates a place of connection with nature and harmony, where guest can stop for a while being stimulated to embark on a path of empathic development with the place itself. While fusing visible and invisible  some devices and sculptures can disclose within space the various forms of energy, such as electromagnetic, light and sound waves.

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