Isola Bisentina is a place of contemplation, a shelter for biodiversity, a space for research and education in the field of science, art and culture. 

Nature and Research

Protecting Biodiversity

For its geographical and geological nature, Isola Bisentina is an important reference point for many animal and plant species.

We create a network of researchers, experts, and enthusiasts through whom we safeguard its ecosystem by means of censuses, monitoring, and non-invasive conservation interventions. We believe in disclosure as a mean to prevent, therefore we are keen on spreading awareness through publications, events, and activities that help reduce our impact on the planet.

History and Culture

Preservation of historical and cultural heritage

Since 2019 we have been conducting important restoration and conservative renovation works of the buildings on the Island with the aim of protecting, promoting, and enhancing the Italian artistic and cultural heritage. We support historical, artistic, and archaeological research projects to develop our historical memory and broaden our world and view on life. 


To keep the spiritual legacy alive

We believe in art as a form of inner inquiry, a technique through which exploring and knowing oneself. Following the footsteps of those who, during the course of history, have turned isola Bisentina into an important center for spiritual devotion, by creating important artistic and architectural works in the attempt of depicting the invisible, we promote the artistic practice as an act of faith which transcends every culture, epoch and religion. Through immersive and multimedia artistic experiences we encourage the research, the practice and the participation of art with the aim of keeping the spiritual presence alive.

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